Girl Scouts Council's Own Awards Wikia

Weather Wise

During this special Council’s Own, girls will learn about the various aspects of weather such as weather instruments, safety, flags and other symbols. Girls will have fun exploring the myths and legends associated with weather and making their own homemade weather instruments.

To earn the Weather Wise Junior Award, Junior Girl Scouts must complete 5 activities.


1.     Learn about “homemade” weather instruments and make at least one weather instrument. Use a weather watch calendar for a period of at least three days.

2.     Learn a weather myth or legend and share it with a friend.

3.     Know the rules of safe conduct during a thunderstorm out of doors and indoors.

4.     Learn about and make the five weather flags. Fly a weather flag each day at camp or at troop meetings.

5.     Participate in a weather scavenger hunt with your friends and/or take a wind walk.

6.     Learn ten of the weather symbol used by the National Weather Service.