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Nursing is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Council.

With help from Michigan Nurses Association website,, and Nurse Leader magazine. Four activities are required to earn this Try-It.


  1. Learn about the founder of nursing. Florence Nightingale.
  2. Find out what nurses do and why they like what they do.
  3. Nurses specialize in caring for people. Demonstrate a caring behavior at home or school for a week. Report what you did to your troop.
  4. Use some of the equipment that nurses use, such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer or an ace bandage.
  5. Make a list of the places where nurses can work
  6. Visit a place where nurses work, such as a hospital, clinic or surgery center to learn what a nurse does for his/her patients.

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