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Making Memories is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ (GSCSNJ) council.



Badge Requirements (must complete 6):

1. Taking Photos

Learn about what is important to have in a photo. Take the following photos: a family or group portrait, an action picture, a scenery picture and a picture of yourself (done with a delay on a tripod).

2. Acid Free

Learn about the Importance of using acid free products and what different products are available. Find out what happens to photos and newspapers over time and how to protect them from fading and changing color.

3. Scrapbook

Make your own book from cardstock or other materials.

4. Letter Art

Create different kind of letters to be used for titles or journaling.

5. Journaling

Learn the importance of journaling, how it helps people remember names, feelings and activities that are presented in the photographs. It also helps people earn about the activities and people in your lives.

6. Page Layouts

Learn about the different ways to lay out a scrapbook page. Try using templates for photos or journaling. Use different colors of scrap paper and cut photos into shapes to make your page more interesting.

7. Embellishments

Learn about other materials that can be used to make your scrapbook page more interesting. Use these items on a scrapbook page.

8. Cutting

Learn about the different tools used in cutting paper and photos. Go to a store that sells scrapbook supplies and try out different shapes and designs that can be produced by using special scissors, punches, etc.

9. Scrapbook as Gifts

After you’ve made a homemade book, collect photos of yourself with someone special in your life. Using all of the ideas you have learned, layout your photos and journal to create the perfect gift for that person

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