Girl Scouts Council's Own Awards Wikia
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The Girl Scout Junior Safety Award is rewarded to Girl Scout Juniors in Girl Scouts of the USA.

Five steps must be completed to earn the Junior Safety Award;[]

  1. Find out what the most common injuries are for kids your age. Make a list of how you can prevent them. Then do a home safety audit to check for dangers around the house.
  2. Conduct an emergency evacuation drill of your home or the place your Girl Scout group meets. In case of a fire, know where your main exit is located, and plan an alternate way to get out if the first exit is blocked.
  3. Find out how to read weather signs so you know when to head indoors and get to safety.
  4. Learn about bicycle safety. Research why bike helmets are important and how to check if a helmet fits you properly.
  5. Go on a hazard-identification walk along a local hiking trail, bike trail, or horse trail.