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I Have a Dream

The I Have a Dream IP is an interest project from the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast.


Complete any 10 activities.

      1. Talk to people who lived during the Civil Rights Movement to discover what they remember about Martin Luther King, Jr.
2. Take part in a Martin Luther King, Jr. commemorative activity in your community.
3. Visit the web site Complete one of the activities listed.
4. Plan and implement a special awards ceremony for community leaders who are living out the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr.
5. Write about the African American heroine you most admire and share it with others.
6. Find out about the women who were involved in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the role they played in developing the Civil Rights Movement. Share what you learn with our troop, family, or friends.
7. Write a press release reporting an incident of one of the women who played a role in developing the Civil Rights Movement.
8. Find out about the Nobel Peace Prize. Who awards it, how it is earned, and why it was awarded to Martin Luther King, Jr. Share what you learned with Brownie Girl Scouts or other younger girls; OR write and act out a skit about how Martin Luther King, Jr. earned the Nobel Peace Prize.
9. See a video or read a copy of the “I Have a Dream” speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr. Describe what you think his dream for America was. Share times when you have judged people for reasons other than “the content of their character,” such as if they were too tall, too fat, too short, or too slow.
10. Read Coretta Scott King’s autobiography. What kind of education did she have, what problems and what joys? Relate your life to hers. Do you have the same experiences? List the similarities and differences. Talk with your big sister, mother, Girl Scout leader or other adult about your list.
11. What can you do to help the “dream?” What concerns and attitudes in your community prevent or help people to achieve equality and be treated as equals? Put together a plan of action to promote change. Carry out your plan.
12. Complete a list of groups and organizations in our community involved in social change. What do they do and what types of careers are involved in these organizations? Investigate these careers and what education is needed. Do local schools and universities offer the education you need for these careers? Share your findings with younger girls, your troop members or your family.

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