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Hot Stuff Try-It is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.


  1. How do local firefighters put out fires? Find out about the equipment and gear used by firefighters. Find out about fire trucks. You might want to take a tour of your local firehouse or invite firefighters to your meeting.
  2. What do you do if you or someone else is on fire? Learn the principles of STOP, DROP AND ROLL. Practice the technique with your troop.
  3. What is an escape plan? Pretend that you are in your bedroom and you house is on fire. Draw a picture showing how you would get out. Try to find two ways out of your room. Pick a safe and easy-to-remember place outside your home to meet your family. Stay low to the floor when escaping a fire. Share your escape plan with your family. Practice with adults.
  4. What are wildfires and how do they start? As campers and hikers, what can we do to prevent forest fires? Draw a picture and include some safe campfire practices.

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