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Golden Friendship Badge Witchita Area Girl Scout Council

Complete all eight activities.

Purpose: To learn about older adults in your community.

____1. Observe senior citizens in your community. Make a list of their activities and compare it to your parents’ activities.

____2. Learn these new terms about aging:

Gerontology Geriatrics Senior Center Intergenerational activities Home­delivered meal Area agency on agency

____3. Collect pictures of children from different generations. Compare their clothing, hairstyles and toys with those of your age group.

____4. Make a new friend (or become a better friend) with a senior citizen by sharing yourself. Do one of the following activities together:

Prepare and eat a meal Play a game (cards, dominoes, or video) Shop for food or household items Share a scrapbook or life stories

____5. Do three of the following activities to help a senior citizen:

Bathe and groom a pet Do simple yard work Make a useful kitchen aid Help obtain information on aging services Do small household chores

Make a holiday decoration other than Christmas Celebrate a birthday with a homemade gift Run errands 1/2


Be an escort to church or a special event Send at least three greeting cards on special occasions or holidays

____6. Find out what activities retired workers do in your community volunteer work, clubs, gardening, etc. What do you expect to do when you retire?

____7. Learn what services are available to senior citizens in your community. How do these services help older adults?

____8. Find out about four people, of today or in the past, who had their greatest accomplishments after age 65.

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