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Welcome to the Girl Scouts Council's Own Awards website! This site was originally created by and was migrated to this location when WikiSpot closed in April, 2015. This page will continuously under construction. This listing is a complete listing of all Council's Own Awards across the country according to the last time this page was updated. 

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Tips for usage: 1. Contact the council BEFORE doing the requirements to see if a) they have the badge available and b) they will sell it to you. Most of the Badges are not available and the councils are getting upset and working to get rid of site like this. Please use Facebook groups to locate these badges, there are tons of them out there. Search using "GS badges" that will pull up some sites. Good Luck and happy hunting. Please do not email us about whether or not you can order the badge, because we don't know. The original wiki based on combining lots of information from different sources.

2. At the bottom of every page is a set of external links, which includes a link to the Council's Own page. Use that link to find council contact information.

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Note: Thanks to Jessi for your contributions. You're a great help!

I know the Try-It above isn't a Council's Own, it's the old Girl Scout Ways Try-It. But it was my favorite when I was a Brownie, and I wish it was still available.

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IP Patches, Badges, and Try-its

List of Council's Own Try-Its

List of Council's Own Badges

List of Council's Own Interest Projects

List of Council's Own Patch Programs

List of Council's Own Senior Badges

List of Council's Own Legacy Badges

List of Council's Own Daisy Badges

List of Council's Own Cadette Badges

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