Girl Scouts Council's Own Awards Wikia

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Inc.  GEOCACHING Badge, IPP Program

Description of badge: Blue border, ying-yang with 'x' shaped person figure on the green side and a recycle symbol on the blue side

Juniors: 3 requirements each from Discover and Connect, 1 requirement from Take Action Cadettes, Seniors, & Ambassadors: 5 requirements each from Discover and Connect, 1 requirement from Take Action 


 1) What is Geocaching? How is the word pronounced? What are some other terms for geocaching? 

 2) What does “G.P.S.” stand for? Approximately how many satellites with G.P.S. tracking technology are currently in orbit?  What it triangulation / trilateralization & how does it work with a G.P.S. Unit? 

 3) How much do G.P.S. units cost? Where can you buy one? 

 4) What are “coordinates?” What items were used to locate directions and coordinates before G.P.S.? How do coordinates work with your G.P.S. unit? 

 5) What is “cache-in, trash-out?” What does the word “muggle” mean to geocachers? What is some other “jargon” associated with Geocaching? 

 6) Name three types of caches. What is a “travel bug?” 

 7) Where is Geocaching not allowed? List some safety precautions that you should use while  Geocaching. 

 8) Can your Location be tracked if you have a G.P.S. unit? 


 1) Practice locating items using your G.P.S. 

 2) Identify a cache in your area and go on a hunt. 

 3) Locate a Geocaching association in your area. Talk with members about their Geocaching experience. What is their favorite cache in your area? What is their all-time favorite cache? Which cache was the most difficult to find? etc. 

 4) How do you create a cache? Create and maintain a cache in your area. 

 5) List 4 jobs that, in different way, make use of G.P.S. units (Emergency Services, for example). How are G.P.S. units incorporated into their jobs? Arrange to meet with someone from one of these professions to learn more about how G.P.S. assists that person in his / her duties. 

 6) Visit to learn more about Geocaching. How many caches are hidden within 10 miles of your house? How many are hidden in your city? How many are hidden in your state? 

 Take Action:  

 1) Co-Sponsor a C.I.T.O Geocaching event with a local Geocaching Association at a local park or nature area. Bring enough bags for everyone & provide refreshments if possible. 

 2) Teach Geocaching at a troop meeting for younger Girl Scouts or plan a Geocaching event for your area or council. 

 3) Working with your local Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Rescue, etc.) or your local Emergency Management Agency, assist with marking the G.P.S. coordinates for needed places in your town (hospitals, emergency shelters, fire hydrants, call boxes, etc.). 

 4) Create C.I.T.O. Kits, Mini-First Aide Kits, and/or Cache Repair Kits and donate them to a Geocaching Association in your area.