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Fashion is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.

Fashion is what it is all about!

Complete at least 4 of the following activities.


      1. Take a paper doll and design/draw clothes for the doll. Some places to print your doll.
2. Look up the history of headbands in the library or ask your mom to help you look on line or look up the history of another fashion item.
3. Interview your parents or other family friends about what they wore when they were in Elementary school. Ask if they still have any clothes and have a fashion show with them. Or Have a fashion show with your troop. Pick a topic like nightwear, dresses or beachwear. Don't forget the music!
4. Design your own Doll or create some clothes using a napkin or paper towels or some scraps of material.
5. Go thru the Sunday adds or clothes magazine that come in the mail. Look at all the different kinds of clothes on sale. Compare some prices. Make a scrapbook of all the clothes you like.
6. Take an old shirt and redesign it by: adding beads, tie dying, add fringe, and /or cut wholes in it. Just plain re-decorate it.
7. Make hair jewelry: You can decorate some chopsticks for your hair, or make hair combs and barrettes. Or Learn how to do hair wraps.
8. Play a fashion game: Play a game of Fashion Bingo or play clothes store. There's lot of way to incorporate fashion it to a game. Have fun with it.

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