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  1. Find out about the elephants: Where they live, what they eat, how long they live, and who

is in charge of the herd. Name the physical differences between Asian & African elephants. 2. Elephant walk: Bend forward. Extend your arms and place one hand over the other to form a trunk. Make sure that your fingers are pointing toward the ground. Move slowly with legs stiff and straight and your trunk swinging from side to side.

3 Make an elephant paper mask and clay model.

4. Do something for the elephants: Contact your local zoo and find out if your troop can do something to help the elephants.

5. Create the perfect habitat for an elephant: Where would it be? What would the habitat contain? Where would the elephant gets its food and water? Will there be things for the elephant to do?

6. Visit a zoo: What does the elephants’ habitat look like? Is there enough room for the elephants? Do they have enough water to play in and drink? Do they have enough food? Do they have toys to

play with? What are the elephants doing?

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