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Drama Queen

No Longer Available - Drama Queen is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council. - this is available if you go to the GSCSNJ website, not available from GSUSA.


Sounds of Music[]

Learn a song to perform in front of an audience. Try picking a song sung by a girl who is a good role model. For example try, "Why Not" by Hilary Duff or "This is My Time" by Raven Symone.

Leading Ladies[]

Name and discuss five movies or television shows with female leads.

Guess Who?[]

Play a game of charades! Each girl should write her favorite character on separate pieces of paper. The leader should collect the papers and place them in a bag. Then each girl will take turns picking a paper from the bag, and acting out the character they receive until the group guesses. Don't forget- No talking!

Trash Bash[]

Costumes are an essential part of every character. This activity requires groups of 4 or 5 girls. Each group should select one girl to model their creation, and the rest of the group will act as designers. Each group will receive two large paper trash bags, masking tape, two feet of aluminum foil, and one pair of safety scissors. The goal is to create a costume on the model. Girls will show off their creations when finished.

Marvelous Masks[]

In the beginning of theatre, masks were used to exaggerate a character's emotions. In this craft, you can use paper plates, beads, sequins, string and other materials to design your own mask.


Improvisation is the art of making things up as the actor goes along. This is important because it helps actors gain confidence, especially if they forget their lines. In this activity, you will learn some popular "improv games."

Lights. Camera. Action![]

With your troop or group, attend a theatrical performance. Make an appointment to meet the actors and get a backstage tour!

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