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Doll Collector

Doll Collector is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.

Complete 4 of the requirements below.


      1. Hold a doll fashion show with other troops or groups OR hold a doll tea party with other troops.
2. Learn about dolls from the past. Talk to your mother, grandmother or other adult about dolls they had as children OR Visit a museum that has a doll exhibit and ask one of the workers about the dolls on display.
3. Bring a favorite doll to a meeting or get together. Talk about your doll, its background, its outfits and accessories and special features.
4. Make your own doll. For example, you can use yarn, a sock, a clothespin or paper.
5. Read a book about a doll or have someone read it to you.
6. Learn about antique dolls, collectible dolls and modern dolls. Be able to tell the difference between them.
7. Donate a doll to a children’s hospital, shelter, or other youth organization. It can be store bought or homemade.

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