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Coast Guard Pride is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast.

GUIDELINES: Complete the starred (*) activity plus five others that are listed.


1) * Invite a member of the United States Coast Guard to visit your troop and explain what his/her role in the Coast Guard is. Ask him/her to explain some of the differences between the Coast Guard and other branches of the military. Ask him/her some of the places you can be stationed while in the Coast Guard.
2) The Coast Guard is the oldest maritime service. It is a combination of 5 different government agencies that were once independent: The Revenue Cutter Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Steamboat Inspection Service, Bureau of Navigation and the Life-Saving Service. Find out how each of these different services might influence the missions of the Coast Guard today.
3) Tour the Old Coast Guard Station in Virginia Beach, VA. You can also tour some of the exhibits on-line if you cannot tour the actual building. (
4) Visit a lighthouse in your area and find out about its history. Draw a picture of this lighthouse and write a story about what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper.
5) Visit a Coast Guard base. Tour a boat, cutter, or aircraft. Learn from the crew of the boat or aircraft what it is like to be stationed at such a unit. Learn about what kind of jobs they might do.
6) Learn about the different boats, cutters and aircraft that the Coast Guard uses. (
7) Find out who the only Coast Guardsman to win the Congressional Medal of Honor was, and what it was for and when it was awarded.
8) Explain the difference between an enlisted member and an officer.
9) Choose a cutter currently in service in the Coast Guard. Find out why it is named what it is and when it was commissioned.
10) Find out about some of the famous animals that have served with the US Coast Guard.

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