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Coal is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council.

Coal is a major industry in most of the council jurisdiction. Obtaining knowledge of the coal industry helps girls make responsible decisions when they become voting citizens in the future. Girls will learn about the different types of coal and its uses, the different types of mining, and the impact of coal mining on the environment. Girls will also explore the different types of careers available in the coal industry.

To earn the Coal Award, Junior Girl Scouts must complete 8 activities, including the starred activities.


  1. *Learn about the four different types of coal. Where are they found in the area and in the world.
  2. *Identify five products used in and around your home made from coal or coal products. Find pictures of at least five additional products.
  3. *Learn about the different types of mining. Where do you find these methods used? What kind of equipment is used in each type? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
  4. Learn ten new terms related to coal mining.
  5. Visit a mining site or a coal loading facility and find out its function. OR view a film(s) about coal mining. Note: If you do both parts of this requirement, you may count it as two requirements.
  6. Invite someone knowledgeable about the coal industry to a troop meeting.
  7. *Discuss the impact of coal mining on the environment and what steps are taken to insure the land will be usable in the future.
  8. Learn about the United Mine Workers union and its role in the past and on the present mining industry.
  9. List five careers which are commonly found in the mining industry and education or experience you feel these careers require.
  10. Learn what kinds of safety equipment are worn when working at an underground coal mine or a surface coal mine.

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