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Clowning and Mime is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey Council.


Complete a total of four activities including one Discover, one Connect, one Take Action and one other activity chosen from any category.


  1. Collectpicturesofclownsorpicturesofclothingthatclownswouldwear.Makeacollagewiththesepictures.
  2. Learnaboutthematerialsthatclownsandmimesuseforfacemakeup.Trytocreateyourownclownor mime face.
  3. Learnaboutthematerialsthatclownsormimesusefortheircostumes.Trytomakeyourowncostume.


  1. Createasimpleskitthataclownormimewoulddo.Putonaperformanceforyourtrooporothers.
  2. Talktoaclownandfindoutwhatyouwouldhavetolearninordertobecomeaclownormime.
  3. Demonstrate something that you have learned for another Girl Scout Brownie or Daisy troop. (Some examples can be juggling, face painting, or costume design).

Take Action:

  1. Asaclown,entertaintheresidentsinanursinghomeoratahospitalchildren’sward.
  2. Plansomethingyoucandotohelpyourcommunitysuchasafooddrive,coatcollectionorpetfooddrive for the animal shelter. Dress up as a clown and use your clown skills to publicize the project or event.
  3. Or think of your own project! Use the skills and knowledge you developed in the Discover and Connect activities to guide you.

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