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Celebrate Alaska is a Brownie and Junior Patch from the Girl Scouts of Alask Council.

Complete all of the following activities


  1. Complete the Alaska Native Heritage patch.
  2. Find out how and when Alaska became a state. Do an activity to mark the 50th anniversary of statehood or attend a statehood celebration event.
  3. Display the Alaska flag at a troop meeting and be able to tell about the state flag, flower and bird. Learn the “Alaska Flag Song”. and Name the current Governor, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representative. Name the mayor or tribal council leader of your community.
  4. Make a map showing at least 4 of these interesting facts about Alaska:
    • miles of coastline
    • location of the Arctic Circle
    • important mountain ranges and glaciers/ice fields
    • major rivers
    • major mineral deposits
    • important cities
    • National Forests, National Parks, and Wildlife Refuges
    • location of Alaska Native cultural groups
    • ANCSA corporation boundaries
    • Display your map where others can benefit from your research; present an Alaskan program for your parents or to another troop.
    • Do an activity from one of the following try-its: All in the Family, Listening to the Past or badges: Across Generations, Celebrating People, Local Lore, My Community, My Heritage to learn more about people in your community and in Alaska.

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