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Seniors are Girl Scouts who are in ninth and tenth grade (around ages 14–16). Their wear the same uniform as Cadettes—however, the disks for their membership stars are red and their badges are a rectangular shape.

Seniors use the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for Seniors and the National Leadership Journeys to earn badges. They are typically encouraged to create and lead activities for the younger Girl Scouts, and to take a leadership role in organizing and assisting with Council and service unit/association events and activities. They may earn the Counselor-in-Training (CIT), the Volunteer-in-Training (VIT), the Girl Scout Senior Safety Award, the Gold Torch Award, the Senior Community Service Bar, the Senior Service to Girl Scouting Bar and the Bridge to Girl Scout Ambassador award.

Seniors are eligible to earn the Gold Award.

Legacy Badges[]

  • Collage 
  • Cross-Training 
  • Behind the Ballot
  • Locavore 
  • Senior First Aid 
  • Senior Girl Scout Way 
  • Sky 

Financial Literacy Badges[]

  • Financing My Future 
  • Buying Power 
  • My Portfolio
  • Customer Loyalty 

Skill Building Badges[]

It's Your World-Change It! []
  • Website Designer 
  • Women's Health 
  • Troupe Performer 
  • Science of Style 
  • Novelist 
It's Your Planet-Love It! []
  • Textile Artist 
  • Room Makeover 
  • Truth Seeker 
  • Adventurer 
  • Car Care 
It's Your Story-Tell It! []
  • Traveler 
  • Voice for Animals 
  • Game Visionary 
  • Social Innovator 
  • Business Etiquette


  • GIRLtopia
  • Mission Sisterhood
  • Sow What?

Other Awards[]

  • Gold Award
  • Safety Award (Senior)
  • Thinking Day

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