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Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Inc.  ARCHERY Badge

Description of badge: Green boarder, green background, recurve bow with arrow nocked.

Juniors: Complete at least four activities from both “Discover” & “Connect,” and one “Take Action” activity. 


 1) What pieces of equipment are needed? How do they work? 

 2) What types of safety gear are necessary? Learn the safety rules of a local archery range. Review the Safety-Wise requirements for archery on pages 9596 of the Safety-Wise book and be able to demonstrate these rules. 

 3) Explain at least 3 of the following archery terms: Anchor point, shaft, nocking point, recurve bow, shooting line, or bow square. 

 4) Define what "weight" means as applied to bows. 

 5) How much does archery equipment cost to purchase and maintain? 

 6) When were the first bow and arrow developed? How has the role of the archery changed over time? Can you discover any famous archers from history, especially female archers? 

 7) How is archery commonly practiced in the USA today? In other countries? How is archery scored at international competitions such as the Olympics? 

 8) How big is the standard archery target? How do you keep score? 


 1) Know how to select good bows & arrows and know the names of their parts. 

 2) Explain how to determine the proper arrow length to use. 

 3) Demonstrate the following: A) How to string and unstring a bow or know 3 methods of stringing a bow. B) Demonstrate the proper stance for shooting.  C) Demonstrate the correct way to pull an arrow from the target and how to pick up an arrow from the ground. 

 4) Practice shooting at an archery range and be able to shoot at a target from a distance of 20 feet. 

 5) Show how to care for a bow when in use and when not in use. 

 6) Score at least one archery match, either on TV or at an archery range. 

 Take Action:  

 1) Volunteer at an archery tournament. 

 2) Create a display on the history of archery or archery safety for your school, community center, etc. 

 3) Arrange for an archery demonstration at a council or area event. 

 4) Contact a local archery group and, with advanced permission, arrange for them to provide an archery lesson for a youth program.