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Air Force Pride

Air Force Pride is a Junior Badge from the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast.

GUIDELINES: Complete the required activity below, one from each Leadership Key (Discover, Connect, Take Action), and at least three other activities listed under any Key.

Required Activity: Invite a member of the United States Air Force to visit your troop and interview him/her about their role in the Air Force. Ask him/her to bring a globe or a map and show you where he/she has traveled. Ask him/her what it is like to live on an Air Force Base and how is it different from civilian life.


1) Find the U.S. Air Force base located closest to your hometown. Name and describe the mission of this base. Who is the Commander of this base? Describe the Wing, Groups and/or squadrons located there.
2) Listen to and learn the Air Force song. Try searching online or at the library.
3) Identify and describe or draw the following aircrafts: Fighter, Bomber, Transport, Tanker, and Surveillance.


1) Invite the spouse or a child of an Air Force member to visit your troop meeting and/or interview them. What is it like to have a family member in the Air Force? Where have they lived? How does their life compare to yours?
2) Visit an Air and Space or Flight or Aircraft museum. Take the tour and try different activities. List and discuss, with your troop, contributions the U.S. Air Force has made to our society.

Take Action[]

1) Attend an Air Force air show. Document with photos or describe to your troop or another Girl Scout what you heard, saw, and learned at the show.
2) Write a letter or draw a card of support to an Air Force member.
3) Create a 5-minute skit teaching others about the Air Force and perform it for family, friends, or another Girl Scout troop.
4) Tour an Air Force museum, monument, memorial, or cemetery. Find out what volunteer opportunities are available for you. Could your troop do a flag ceremony on location?

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